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Working principle of cement bunker in mixing station

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As a closed bulk material storage equipment, the cement silo, a component part of the concrete mixing station, is an organic construction system, which is featured with rainproof, moisture-proof and easy to use. Next, haomei machinery tells you the working principle of cement bunker.
The working principle of
1. When the cement bin (cement tank) is operated, it is necessary for the special crane to stand it up, and then put it on the pre-precast concrete base, and check the cement bin (cement tank) to see how straight it is going to be with the horizontal surface, and then weld its bottom with the embedded part of the foundation.
2. The storage bin shall be well fixed in the future, and the bulk cement truck shall transport cement to the construction site, and then connect the transport pipeline of the bulk cement truck with the feed pipeline of the cement bin (cement tank), and the cement in the tank shall be transported to the cement bin (cement tank) through the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck.
3. In the process of transporting cement to the material storage bin, the operator shall press the button of vibration motor of the dust collector and shake off the cement attached to the cloth bag of the dust collector to avoid blocking the cloth bag and bursting the bin.
4. Once the cloth bag is blocked, the pressure in the storehouse exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure relief valve on the top of the storehouse, and the pressure relief valve can open the pressure inside the open storehouse to avoid the outbreak of the explosion in the storehouse.
5. After the bump stock level, the full and the short stock can be observed.
6. When feeding is needed, first turn the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the cone, and then transport the cement through the cement delivery equipment. In the process of material discharging, if the appearance of “spring-up” is presented, it can timely press the button of the electromagnetic valve of the broken arch equipment to blow air, eliminate the “spring-up” to feed materials, and ensure smooth cement supply.
7. When the cement delivery equipment is defective, the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the cone shall be closed first to avoid cement overflow and forming waste.
Matters needing attention
1. In the process of the device, it is forbidden to tilt the silo body and deform the supporting legs.
2. The bottom of the leg is welded firmly with the embedded part of the base.
3. Take good precautions against wind and lightning.
4. Strong collision with the supporting leg and the warehouse shall be prohibited.
5. Regularly check the cement adhesion status of the duster bag, and timely sort it out.
6. A solid foundation is necessary to conform to architectural design specifications.

Cement bin and screw pump can be used together to transfer materials to all positions, the bin body is easy to install, safe and reliable are the ideal storage equipment for all kinds of mixing stations