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What do you know about the metering system of the concrete mixing station ?

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Whether the production of concrete mixing station is normal or not, the quality of concrete and the cost of material consumption are all related to the measurement system of concrete mixing station. However, how much do you know about the measurement system of concrete mixing station?

1. General measurement system
There are mechanical scales, weighing sensors, weighing instruments (or amplifiers), computers. Among them, the fault rate of sensor is relatively high, while the fault of mechanical steelyard is hidden, and other faults are relatively intuitive.
2. Sensor structure
The sensor is a resistance bridge composed of strain resistance. AB end is called the bridging voltage of the sensor. The bridge pressure of the sensor is generally around UAB=10V, and CD end is called the output of the sensor.
3. The structure of weighing instruments
Weighing instrument generally use 220 v power supply, and have the bridge 10 v output supply pressure sensor, preamplifier for millivolt level of weighing sensor signal processing, after processing all the way to show the weighing signal, one for the computer as control signal, the control signal is usually divided into with 232 or 485 interface to the computer output, or standard of 0 ~ 5 v or given 0 ~ 10 v or 4 ~ 20 ma standard signal to computer processing. In order to save costs, some manufacturers now use amplifiers only after the direct processing to the computer.
4. Mechanical balance frame
Mechanical weighing rack is mainly used to make the weighing cylinder body be fixed on the support by the sensor. Due to different sensors used, the weighing rack is different, mainly in three forms.
Weigh rack for pressure sensor
This kind of old – style commercial concrete station USES more, the advantage is easy to install; The drawback is that one sensor will be suspended, especially the platform with four sensors. If four sensors are not on a plane, this phenomenon will occur, and will cause deviation of the weighing cylinder. A scale bracket using a pull sensor
The weighing rack of the pull-type sensor
The force point of this type of weighing barrel is more even. The disadvantage is easy to pull off the rod screw, the balance cylinder shaking more. Attention should be paid to the installation of this sensor. There should be anti-shaking positioners; A short copper braid shall be installed up and down the screw of the sensor to prevent damage caused by strong current passing through the sensor during electric welding by an electric welder.
Weigh rack with cantilever beam sensor
This form is used more at present, the advantages are easy to install, easy to replace, uniform force, less shaking of the weigher.
Here is the introduction of the metering system of the mixing station, I hope you can help.