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How to Choose Ideal Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Time:2018-04-10 | Click:1480  

Not a few people used to face dilemmas in choosing ideal ready mix concrete plants. Indeed, manufacturers classify plants into so many types to cater for various application requirements that they confuse clients from time to time. In the beginning period to build a new concrete plant, investors have to go through many paper procedures and practical investigations before buying a plant. Then how to decide what type of ready mix concrete plant you really need? You can finish answering the seemingly complex question with three simple steps.

Based on our experience, you should first be clear about scale of the ready mix concrete plant. Investors must make a detailed investigation about target market before making decision about investment scale. Building units, if in need of a plant for self use, can calculate or estimate productivity of the plant in accordance with production ability and usage amount of concrete. Second, you should figure out what class of plant you want. If you have a tight budget, you can choose a plant of standard equipment and lower cost. In contrast, abundant budget enables you to name brands of key devices like sensor, screw conveyor, main dust remover, cement silo dust remover as well as mixer. Advanced equipment helps to improve reliability, service life, and eventually economic profit of a ready mix concrete plant. Third, you’d better to locate a specific site for installation of the plant. Tips are as follows. The site should be near both aggregate and sand storage places, far from neighborhoods yet with abundant water supply. If you plan to place the plant in mountains, try to follow the slopes in installation. Raw material stock ground, if located on a high slope ground, helps to cut down feeding height and conveying angles, which reduces both energy consumption and wearing degree of devices. Special attention should be paid to protection of optical cables and electric cables in installation.