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How Much Does Small Concrete Plants Bring

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Small concrete plants win more and more popularity in global market as well as at home. Ecological development has enhanced houses and building construction around the world. Big developing countries like China and India, are dedicated to countryside building. Take China for example, old buildings are pulled down and new ones rise up almost every day in millions of villages. Small towns aim to get larger. Remote regions need to contact with the outside world through new roads and bridges. In smaller countries people prefer to live in cities and towns rather than small villages because the former provide more educational and working opportunities. In a word, demand for small concrete plants has become a global trend.
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If you happen to have enough budget and client resources, it’s a good idea to invest in small concrete plants. As said in How Much Does a Small Concrete Plant Cost, a small plant does not cost much. Then how much can it bring? Take HZS50 for example. The productivity of such a plant is 50 cubic meters per hour. If the plant works eight hours every day and 300 days per year, it produces concrete of 100,000 cubic meters. Based on concrete price in China, you can earn a profit of 50 to 80RMB with per cubic meter, and eventually you make 5 million RMB a year. Concrete profit in you local market can be calculated in the same way as long as you are clear about the cost and price for every cubic meter of concrete in your market. As the saying goes, don’t waste the advantage of being in a favored position. Taking earliest chance will enable you to take up market quickly and make more money. Haomei, concrete plant manufacturer with over ten years of exporting experience, supplies small concrete plants of various specifications.