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Components of concrete batch mix plant

Time:2020-02-25 | Click:1275  

A concrete batch mix plant has a number of parts and accessories that combine and work together to produce quality concrete. Some of the major components are as below:

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Aggregate feeders – Feeding unit is one of the important component. There are bins located side by side to facilitate feeding of coarse aggregates and sand. The different number of bins are there which will hold different sized aggregates / sand into different compartment. The reason behind putting each material (size wise) into separate bins is that each material will be weighed separately as per designated mix ratio.
Aggregate weigh conveyor – Weigh conveyor usually sits below the aggregate feeders. It is suspended and hanging on load cells. It is to weigh aggregates one by one and then transfer the same to charging conveyor of skip. Aggregates are discharged to the weigh conveyor by opening and closing of pneumatic cylinders.
Charging conveyor / Skip – Charging conveyor or a skip is to carry the weighed aggregates to the mixing unit.
Cement weigh scale – Cement weigh scale will hold the cement in small quantity that is transferred from the cement silo / hopper via a screw conveyor. Its task is to weigh the aggregates prior to dispatch into the mixing unit.
Water weigh scale – Water weigh scale receives water from water pump. It will hold water and weigh the water as per the recipe set in the control panel and then add the same into the mixing unit.
Additive weigh scales – Additive weigh scales are suspended on load cells and they will weigh the additive material prior to dispatch into the mixer.
Cement silo / hopper with screw conveyor – Cement silo is to hold large volumes of cement that comes in bulk trucks. It is usually provided with safety accessories. A screw conveyor of suitable diameter and length is at the bottom enabling transfer of cement into the cement weigh hopper. Many small capacity machines are equipped with a cement hopper. The opening of the hopper is big and it facilitates adding of cement that comes in bags. Bags have to be placed on top of the hopper and once they are torn, cement will fall into the hopper. Cement hoppers are also provided with screw conveyor for transfer of cement into the weigh hopper. Usually a weigh hopper has 2 openings on top for inlet of 2 screw conveyors.
Mixing unit – This is the most critical part and heart of the concrete batch mixing plant. The job of the mixer is to receive all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly for a fixed time. Then it will discharge the contents into a transit mixer or a concrete pump.
Air compressor – Air compressor is one of the important components here. It is used to control all the pneumatic operations of the concrete batch mixer like opening and closing of cylinders that control the feeder gates, opening and closing of butterfly valves fitted with weigh hoppers, opening and closing of the mixing unit gate, etc.
Control panel – Control panel will control the working of the machine. Latest machines are equipped with PLC panel for ease of usage. It is also possible to save and print mix material recipes in the latest equipment. Control panel assist in fast and accurate measurements of the ingredients. With growing demand for high quality and accurate concrete it becomes important to produce quality material without any wastage. This is where control panel helps to control all components of the batching plant.